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Lisa ?

Lisa stands for "i Love twISted Acronyms".

Anyway, Lisa is just a very small and simple website management system written in PHP which doesn't even use a database.

It's the system I use for this website... when I re-wrote it the other day, I didn't feel like typing lots of HTML code so I just imagined a very simple syntax for the pages to be parsed by some PHP code.

I may write a syntax highlighting script for editing Lisa pages with Vim, one day.

Syntax :

  • Sections :

sectionID:	Section title
	Section content... first paragraph
	Second paragraph, etc.
  • Links :

	(Link name@link_address)

is printed : Link name

  • Unordered lists :

	* First item
	* Second item
	* etc.
  • Ordered lists :

	# First item
	# Second item
	# etc.
  • Note that only the first * or # determines the type of the list :

	# First item
	* Second item
	* etc.

will produce :

  1. First item
  2. Second item
  3. etc.

  • A list is closed with any line not beginning with a * or a # (including blank lines).
  • Lisa will not interpret lines beginning with a +, this can be used to enter raw HTML code :

+	bleh

gives :


  • Definition lists :
  • dl:
    > Definition term
    	= Definition
    	= Definition 2...

displays :

Definition term
Definition 2...

  • Dashes :
  • -- is replaced with an em-dash : —

Where to find it :

Lisa's source code. It's just a PHP function which expects an array of lines to parse (the output of file(), for example).


I don't know if it is of any use to anybody, but for me it is. If it can help even only one other person, then I'm satisfied with it.