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Some nicotine resources, etc.

/!\ OK, forget all this shit and go to this page if you want to use Nicotine under Windows. What follows is terribly outdated and I just leave it here because I'm lazy. Do not read it.

Okay, I'm sure some of you will read it anyway, so I guess I'll have to delete it. I'll leave the links though.

Running Nicotine under Windows

Nicotine is written using the Python programming language, which makes it usuable under most operating systems, including OS X (see or Captnswing's guide) and Windows... there are two ways to install it under Windows, a good way, and an easy way :

The Good way

Are you in a hurry ? Are you so lazy you haven't taken the time to read the second paragraph at the top of this page ? The paragraph with a warning sign before it ? Well if you had read it you would not be here now with no idea of what to do.

The Easier way

Should always be avoided, because it is the path that leads to the dark side.